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      Join us in the next step of our journey as we launch Omnissa, formerly VMware’s End User Computing Business. We’re excited to share our plans with you and our global community of customers, partners, and industry experts. Together we are shaping the future of digital work!

      Link provided here: Join Omnissa Live

      Share the news on LinkedIn. Join the event and celebrate with us!

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    • Wanted to extend a welcome to our new Omnissa community members and an invitation to join the public beta for our exciting Intel Chip to Cloud offering in public beta right now !  Visit our beta community and select the Intel Chip to Cloud project to find the binaries and guidance needed to test this in your UAT tenant today.  Functionally this will allow any of your Workspace ONE tenants that manage Windows devices to send power operations and do remote KVM out-of-band utilizing the vPro AMT technology.  Enabling is as simple as flipping an integration card in UEM and sending a profile to the device for activation.  Works with all vPro devices and can get you into the bios and underneath some of the most difficult device problems to resolve.  We spoke about this valuable Intel integration at Explore and are very anxious to bring to your IT doorstep in the near future.  

      Join the beta community here and select the Intel Chip to Cloud project - https://beta-ea.vmware.com/enter/
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    • We are officially Omnissa

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    • The community team is thrilled to welcome everyone into our new forums! As we get started there are so many features and settings for you to take advantage of and make your forum experience great.  This post will go over a handful of the most helpful features to start using, and our team will share more tips & tricks here in the forum resources section as time goes on.


      When you want to create a post on the forums you can either use the +Create button at the top of the screen and select the correct sub forum from the drop down list, or you can go into the sub forum you wish to post in and use the Start new topic button there.


      You will notice that some of the sections do not allow topics to be posted. These are categories that hold more specific sub forums, so if you go one level deeper you should be able to post just fine!

      Tagging & marking solutions

      When you post, be sure to tag your content. This will help us ensure content is in the correct subforums, make our search results better, and make it easy for other users to find your content. This is a great way to assist others who might have the same question as you, or who are searching the site and might find the insights that you are sharing helpful.

      If you aren't sure what tag to use or how to spell it, just start typing. Our list of predefined tags will pop up and you can choose from them, or create your own.


      If you ask a question and someone answers it in a way that resolves your issue, please feel free to mark the response as the solution. This helps other users who are looking at your post quickly find the correct answer!


      Interacting & engaging with others

      We encourage you to get involved in this community space, and engage with other users here. There are many ways you can do that, such as reacting to posts and replying with comments of your own!

      See the full post for more...
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    • Code of Conduct

      This community is comprised of global participants with different perspectives, unique backgrounds, culturally based ways of communication and varying knowledge / skills levels. To ensure that all participants have a positive experience in the forums, we expect all users to adhere to the website Terms of Service as well as the Code of Conduct do’s and don’ts that we are sharing here. If the guidelines provided in this living document are not followed, the moderation actions detailed below may be taken. The goal is to create a collaborative forum for education and discussion about our products and solutions, allowing us to work together for the betterment of all our end users. These guidelines are in place to provide clear expectations and ensure this is a safe and respectful place for all users - customers, partners, and employees.  


      Be respectful: Treat all forum users, including other members, moderators, and employees with kindness, empathy, and respect. Recognize and appreciate the diversity of backgrounds, experiences, knowledge levels, and opinions within our community.

      Have patience: We know how imperative it is to get your questions answered and your issues resolved, and we will do our best to ensure a great experience seeking help on these forums. During this time of transition there are sure to be some snags, so your patience is appreciated as we stand this forum up and get going! Our internal team will be actively engaged and helping as they can, but research takes time to give our end users practical and validated responses.

      Use inclusive language: Use inclusive language that promotes a welcoming atmosphere. Avoid offensive or exclusionary comments related to race, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, religion, or any other personal characteristics.

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